10 creatives you should be following on TikTok right now

TikTok, once the birthplace to every viral dance craze to storm the internet has, over the past year or so, opened up to artists and creatives making a huge range of short-form video marketing content. From behind the scenes videos from photoshoots and commercial illustration jobs, to informative tips and advice on everything from Photoshop to camera settings, the platform is awash with great content. Not only that, it’s helping these content creators leverage their own work in the fast changing creative industry. 

There are a huge amount of great accounts out there. Here are just ten of our favourites (in no particular order):

(1) 87Shots

One of the best ways to use TikTok as a photographer is to show behind the scenes processes, be it on set or the post production of your images. Gareth, the creator behind 87Shots takes you behind the lens on his urban shoots, giving tips on composition and lighting hacks. He also has a successful sideline in Lightroom presets which he also showcases on the app.

(2) Rosa Illustration

We love the striking vivid work of this young Liverpool based illustrator. Her subject matter ranges from climate activism to Black Lives Matter and feminism. Her bright, bold videos are always on brand showing the colour-filled world that she creates. You can read our interview with her about all how she uses social media to highlight her work here.

(3) Franklin BZ

Franklin is a cinematographer based in India. His feed is packed with behind the scenes videos of him on set often sat atop a jib, directing his crew. 


വേട്ട മലയാളം ഷോർട് ഫിലിം യൂട്യൂബിൽ റിലീസ് ആയിട്ടുണ്ട് !! Vetta The Hunt !! Making video !!

♬ Wahran – Randall

(4) Kymagination

Kym focusses his feed on tips and tricks and shows you how he goes about shooting his street portrait sessions. His vlog style videos answer questions from curious followers about varied subjects such as fees and payment in the industry, to advice on where to get film developed. What’s really refreshing to see on Kym’s profile is that he’s often learning along with everyone else, asking questions to his followers and testing out ideas along the way. 

(5) Roxy Prima

Mural artist Roxy Prima is based in California and shares process videos of her large scale artworks. Her sun-drenched mural videos definitely brighten up our feed. She also produces informative vlog style posts giving advice for running your business. Check out her “client convos” series of posts too if you’re up for a laugh! 

(6) YK

One of the biggest photography tip TikTok accounts is YK’s. He’s mastered the art of creating engaging video content for an emerging generation of photographers. His advice on shooting in the streets is refreshing and innovative, giving tutorials on particular shots and also setting challenges for his followers. 


This is such an easy way to make your images pop, go try it out and let me know!

♬ wasted potential – chillytunees

(7) Josh McQuary

We love watching Josh’s timelapse videos of him creating his dark and moody ink illustrations. Sit back and get lost in his layered process. 

(8) Holly Johnson

Holly’s profile on TikTok gives in depth tutorials of a vast range of photoshop and illustrator techniques. A graphic designer herself, she also has free resources like Lightroom presets and Photoshop actions that you can access to help with projects. 

(9) Kelsy Landin

Something a bit different here, with Kelsy’s sculpture works being the focus of her profile. Her process videos are really relaxing to watch, bringing a good dose of ASMR to her follower’s feeds. She often asks her audience to request things for her to sculpt, fully involving them in her practice, which in turn is great for her engagement. 


i reeeeally hope these turn out better than my nose molds

♬ original sound – Kelsy Landin

(10) Pink Pony

For all the aspiring graphic designers out there, Kristy’s feed is packed full of videos giving inspiration for projects and techniques to try. Her posts cover all sorts of design processes from typography to branding.