Easily Sell art online

We aim to take the stress out of setting up online art sales. We connect with Shopify, help you manage products & editions, and fulfill print orders.

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Creative Hub

All you need to start a great online store

Having your own Shopify store helps you build lasting customer relationships using a great set of marketing tools

  • The tools you need

    Storefront, inventory, analytics, marketing and customer database managed from one account

  • Sell any type of product

    You can sell original artworks, books, T-shirts, accesories... anything

  • Sell on multiple channels

    You can also sell on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram or Amazon

  • Custom storefronts

    100% customisable so you can be on brand.

  • Sell your complete collection

    You can sell original artworks, books, as well as prints fulfilled by Creative Hub.

  • SEO native

    As standard, stores are optimised for SEO, conversion and are mobile friendly.

Laptop Screen Mobile Screen
Laptop Screen Mobile Screen

Your art sales, powered by us

We can handle all the logistics of your art sales. We will print orders, send them to your customers & include a certificate of authenticity printed with your signature. This frees your time up to make more art.

  • It’s free Only pay for prints as you start selling them
  • Award winning printing Art printing chosen by the very best galleries

How it works

We offer a simple 4-step process to setting up.
  • 1. Make a free account, then follow the tutorial to set up your files

  • 2. Set up a custom online store with Shopify

  • 3. Download our Shopify app.Your priced items will appear in your store

  • 4. When a customer buys a print, we take care of the prints and delivery

Learn how to sell art online

Our book explains how to build visibility for your art in very straightforward terms. If you want to sell more art, this book is for you.

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