How to set up online art sales

While walking through the steps of how he goes about putting together a new children’s picture book, Tim Hopgood shares insight into his award-winning illustrative career. 

Tim started out working for fashion brands and magazines and made the switch to illustrative storytelling when telling bedtime stories to his children triggered his interest. Through his history of working with images and words, Tim came up with a specific way to start designing every book step by step.

The incredible success from his books led to people inquiring to purchase images from certain spreads as individual prints. Through the creativehub automated art sales fulfilment service, Tim is able to provide his customers all over the world with high-quality prints without having to put much effort into setting it all up. 

Tim can go about his daily activity of creating books and doesn’t have to spend a lot of time controlling his online print store. Check out his story and see how you can also start selling your work online.