Creativehub x World Land Trust

Creativehub is a carbon neutral cloud file storage service

We have a simple philosophy; we are a for-profit privately held company that wants to link our growth to positive action towards a sustainable planet. 

Creativehub also helps the World Land Trust, who protect threatened natural habitats across the globe through land purchase. They do this by working closely with local NGOs to ensure the land is only purchased by local organisations, so there is no question of Green Colonialism. 

For each customer of creativehub, we fund the World Land Trust to buy 25m2 of natural habitat, every year. Our referral scheme encourages this, as we give each referred new user 25% off their first order. So, if you introduce 10 users who each order a print, that’s tennis court sized wildlife reserve every year that you have protected!

This is just the beginning of the journey, and as users continue to join and we grow, we will have more resources to donate to the World Land Trust. To start this initiative off, we have funded the World Land Trust so they can purchase 36,423m2 of natural habitat.


Our donation will enable local World Land Trust partners, Naturalia, to extend the Jaguar del Norte Reserve in Mexico. This stunning landscape is not only home to the endangered American Jaguar, but also to 510 species of vascular plant, over 300 animal species, and provides one of the only known nesting sites to the majestic Military Macaw.  

This donation will also help Fundacion Biodiversa Colombia to expand the El Silencio Reserve which is a mix of tropical forest and wetlands. This habitat is home to species including White-footed tamarins, the Blue-billed Curassow and the Magdalena river turtle, as well as big cats such as pumas, ocelots and jaguars.

In Zambia, the Kasanka Trust can begin to secure woodland and seasonally inundated grassland habitat within Kasanka National Park as part of the Greater Bangweulu Ecosystem. This area is home to lions, leopards, African Elephant and the largest mammal migration on earth as 10 million straw-coloured fruit bats migrate into Kasanka.

Creativehub is part of a movement within business that wants to harness economic forces to drive environmental sustainability, and with the IT sector currently contributing around 8% of the global carbon emissions, we feel strongly about offering our users a creative platform that also works for our planet.