Artistic instinct by Ben Hardman

Benjamin is a freelance photographer based in Iceland

Following his solo exhibition at theprintspace Gallery, we travelled to Iceland to follow the Australian freelance landscape photographer Benjamin Hardman in is working environment. 

After having lived in London for a short period of time, he ventured out to Iceland to witness the unique and beautiful characteristics of the countries nature for himself. The subtle changes and the textures that shift as the seasons take hold of the landscapes, the barren cold and volatile environments, colossal ice structures, volcanic mountains and resilient wildlife left such an incredible impression on Benjamin that he decided to move to Iceland permanently.

Before making the big move, photography came more as a passion and hobby for Benjamin and he did not use social media at all. The full-time freelance career kicked off when he started to post his images on Instagram and people were showing real interest in what he was doing, his experiences and perspectives on life and nature in the North. Benjamin’s specific style and the consistency of posting his work generated a huge following. He currently has over 640k followers on his Instagram account and grows bigger by the day.

Benjamin doesn’t see his account as a day to day journal but as a timeless portfolio. Some of the images he posts aren’t always recent shots and can range from something he made over a year ago to something he shot yesterday. Older ones might not have been published due to the fact that aesthetically they did not fit into his feed at the time. Benjamin would wait for the point where an image combines perfectly with the ones around it before posting.

See how Benjamin Hardman gained a huge online appreciation for his art by following his creative instincts.