7 commercial product photographers you need to know

Need to commission a great product photographer for an upcoming shoot? Or are you a brand or agency looking to find the next brilliant product photographer to add to your roster? 

Creatives.new is our recently-launched platform where brands who want to tell their stories can find and hire commercial product photographers around the world, instantly. 

Whether it’s e-commerce product photography for Amazon, Etsy, eBay and other online shop platforms or luxury commercial product photography, you can upload a reference image to find style-matched photographers in seconds or search through our roster of global commercial product photographers.

This week, we’ve put together this list showing some of our favourite commercial product photographers who are now available for hire on creatives.new. Take a look below!

Elio Ruscetta

London, United Kingdom

A pair of gold earrings photographed in a handmade miniature set depicting a swimming pool, by London-based product photographer Elio Ruscetta

See Elio’s portfolio on creatives.new

Wilfried Haubenberger

London, United Kingdom

HERO A selection of Fenty eye makeup photographed by London-based product photographer Wilfried Haubenberger

See Wilfried’s portfolio on creatives.new

Mika Michopoulou


A bottle of oil photographed outdoors against a stone wall in natural light by Greece-based product photographer Mika Michopoulou

See Mika’s portfolio on creatives.new

Jens Kristian Balle

Vancouver, Canada

A series of repeating lemons photographed by Vancouver-based photographer Jens Kristian Balle

See Jens’ portfolio on creatives.new

Cormac Banks

London, United Kingdom

Heeled boots in a sunny spot on a brown carpeted floor by London-based product photographer Cormac Banks

See Cormac’s portfolio on creatives.new

Stuey B

Yorkshire, United Kingdom

A bottle of perfume and its box against a pale blue background photographed by UK-based photographer Stuey B

See Stuey’s portfolio on creatives.new

Max Catterall

London, United Kingdom

A bottle of gin against a green background photographed by London-based product photographer Max Catterall

See Max’s portfolio on creatives.new


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