6 commercial fashion photographers you need to know

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This week, we’ve collated some of our favourite commercial fashion photographers who are available for hire on creatives.new. Take a look below and prepare to be inspired!

1. Ines Vansteenkiste-Muylle

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ines Vansteenkiste-Muylle is a Belgian freelance photographer based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and is represented by Landvogel.

A diptych shows a model in a mixed print outfit sitting outdoors and modelling a scarf and sunglasses against a photo of a dusk evening, by Amsterdam-based photographer Ines Vansteenkiste-Muylle by Ines Vansteenkis
© Ines Vansteenkiste-Muylle. See Ines’ portfolio on creatives.new

2. Francisco Gomez de Villaboa

London, UK

Francisco Gomez de Villaboa is an Andalusian fashion photographer based in London, UK working with clients like Burberry, Givenchy and more.

A spread for Givenchy with a model in black t-shirt and leather trousers photographed against the sky, by London-based fashion photographer Francisco Gomez de Villaboa -  Francisco Gomez de Villaboa
© Francisco Gomez de Villaboa. See Francisco’s portfolio on creatives.new

3. Megan Dalton

Leeds, UK

Megan Dalton is a fashion photographer based in Leeds, UK with features in Vogue Italia, Courier Magazine, FT Weekend, Boys by Girls and others.

A model wears luxury active clothing inside a school gym, by UK-based fashion photographer Megan Dalton
© Magan Dalton. See Megan’s portfolio on creatives.new

4. Alicia Stepp

Texas, USA

Alicia Stepp is a Texas-based fashion and beauty photographer, working with names like Nike, Tiffany & Co., Mary Kay and more.

HERO A model in a sparkling gold dress against a blue background by Texas-based fashion photographer Alicia Stepp
© Alicia Stepp. See Alicia’s portfolio on creatives.new

5. Heather Glazzard

London, UK

Heather is a photographer working in fashion and editorial based in London, UK. They’ve been published in places like Vogue.com, Metal Magazine, The Face, Gay Times and more.

A model with braided hair stands in front of a red background with a blue suit and green trainers, by London-based fashion photographer Heather Glazzard - HeatherGlazzard
© Heather Glazzard. See Heather’s portfolio on creatives.new

6. Francesca Battaglia

Milan, Italy

Based in Milan, Italy, Francesca Battaglia is a photographer and videomaker working across fashion, portraiture and lifestyle.

A model in jeans and a tattooed upper body is photographed outdoors, by Italy-based fashion photographer Francesca Battaglia - FrancescaBattaglia
© Francesca Battaglia. See Francesca’s portfolio on creatives.new

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