In this quick guide, we explain how creativehub can be used to automated art print sales via a bespoke e-commerce store.

Preview an example of a live store here.

Our online art sales solution

At creativehub, we aim to take the stress out of setting up and running online art sales. We do this by connecting our print-on-demand system, creativehub, with the leading e-commerce platform, Shopify.

To do this, we developed an app for Shopify. This app is available in the Shopify app store free of any charge or subscription. Once installed, the app connects your creativehub account with your Shopify store, allowing you to automate the order fulfilment process.

This means once you have made a sale in your Shopify store, we handle all the logistics that follow this. We will print your orders at our professional print studio, package them and send them to your customers and include a certificate of authenticity printed with your signature. This frees your time up to make more art and focus on marketing your store.

Shipping costs

We ship your prints anywhere in the world for just the cost of our standard Fine Art Print Prices. And shipping will cost a flat fee of £7+VAT to anywhere in the world.

Add your branding on art sales

You can add your branding and signature to the certificate of authenticity. And you can add your logo and name to the label on the package. The package does not contain any of our branding, so this is a completely white-labelled service.

How it works

Get started

Sound good? Getting started is simple, follow the two articles below and you’ll be ready to sell your art online in no time:

Quick guide: How the creativehub Shopify app works

Quick guide: Start selling your art online in 7 steps

Updated on 3 May 2021

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