If you are a gallery or collective of artists, and you have a single e-com store, you can set up multiple certificates with the individual artist names and branding.

Follow the article that showed you how to set up your personalised limited edition certificate, you may have noticed that it is possible to add multiple logos and artist names and signatures. This is in case you are selling for more than one artist. In this case upload all the names of the artists and individual logos if they have their own logos.

Once you have set up your artist name and branding, assign those details to the files you wish to sell as a limited edition. Go to the images in My Files or in the Project you have them stored in and select one or many images, like this:

Then click ‘Edit’:

Choose the correct artist name and logo on the modal.

Click Done.

The selected artist’s name will be assigned as the creator of the image and certificate will go out with their name and branding details.

Updated on 20 December 2022

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