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The Ultimate Solo Show open call has now closed and our guest judges have selected their 10 favourite artists to make it through to the second round.

We’ve built each an online print store and they now have 3 weeks to get promoting it – the artist that sells the most wins the comp!

Check out the shortlist and live leaderboard below.

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Max Miechowski Documentary Photography

Burgess Park

During the summer months Burgess Park, in the heart of Peckham, is alive with activity. The diverse and multicultural community that live in the surrounding area come together for barbecues, dancing, sports, and parties. It is a space that helps to unite people and exemplifies the benefits of a positive and inclusive attitude towards belonging to a wider community. These images celebrate Burgess Park and document the people who contribute to the strong sense of community that flourishes there.

Julian Hanford Photography

Planet 3

What on earth are we doing on this planet? How would our flawed civilisation appear to visitors from another world? This is a voyage of discovery for two young intrepid explorers from a distant galaxy, discovering the ironies of life on Planet 3 (that’s us).

Dima Hohlov Fashion Photography


I’ve always been interested in photographing dancers and capturing the way they move & carry themselves on the stage. I especially love their presence, dedication and hard work to their craft. This project was shot for a London-based accessories brand who were super open to casting a dancer. We worked with a South African ballerina for this, who used her yoga & ballet practice to create the unusual headless shapes caught in the images. I encouraged her to go deeper in the pose to create the movement and demonstrate how nothing destructs you from the body itself. I wanted to make it look modern, fresh and contemporary.

Olivia M Healy Illustration

Opulent Tarot

A vibrantly illustrated tarot deck, telling the story of The Fools journey to reach enlightenment and obtain inner-wisdom. The cards include imagery from occult and ancient traditions while also being inspired by modern counter-cultures and insights from the artists own personal experience. The subtleties of the figures and the surrounding symbolism are intended to reflect the complex meanings and subtexts of each of the Major Arcana.

Josh Adam Jones Social Documentary Photography


Josh set out to unearth and communicate stories about the expatriate communities of Muscat in Oman. XO concentrates on the relationships between local people and outsiders, with an emphasis on human aspects of the Middle East.

Valentin Russo Documentary-fiction fine art

While you are sleeping

In the east of Iceland, isolated between two fjords, connected by the only N1 road that goes around the island is the village of Stöðvarfjörður; a small fishing village, used mainly as supplies place on the touristic circuit of the island. With the crisis and the closure of the fish-factory, the village was completely deserted. In addition of the 200 inhabitants it is believed there is another presence: the Huldufólk, the 'invisible people' who are said to reside in natural elements like rocks, trees, rivers... An old belief that still lives today.
 In this culture where modernity and myths confronts, where the invisible meets the visible, I wanted to document this village where man tries to find a place in an extreme environment with stories and belief. 'While you are sleeping' explores the activity of this "sleeping town", plunged into darkness half of the year, remote and punctuated by the lack of activities.

Simon Martin Documentary Photography

Somewhere Else

Since leaving my family home, as an adult, I've started to question the idea of home, what the word means and what it looks like. Traveling to numerous places and meeting different people, attempting to represent a feeling of familiarity and comfort through these images.

Rory Doyle Documentary Photography

Delta Hill Riders

A recent article in Smithsonian estimated that just after the Civil War, one in four cowboys were African-American. Yet this population was drastically underrepresented in popular accounts. And it is still. The “cowboy” identity retains a strong presence in many contemporary black communities. This ongoing documentary project in the Mississippi Delta, “Delta Hill Riders,” sheds light on an overlooked African-American subculture — one that resists both historical and contemporary stereotypes.

Ollie Grove Documentary / Portrait Photography

In Dogs We Trust

An honest look at modern dog ownership and the relationship between owner and companion. The portraits give an insight into the diverse selection of breeds and the range of people who own them, often breaking or reinforcing stereotypes.

Philip Stewart Documentary Photography

Dil Dil Pakistan

I lived and worked in Pakistan for 3 years, travelling extensively around the country and building up a body of work from which this is just a small sample. Pakistan, with its extraordinary natural beauty, rich culture and fantastically diverse people stole my heart. What struck me on my return home was the negativity and indeed fear that most people seemed to relate to Pakistan. Its problems are well known, extensively reported, and very real. But as with so much in the media, there is another side. I hope these images give something of a counter-narrative and highlight Pakistan's variety, complexities and contradictions; and hopefully some of its beauty too. I hope you enjoy them.


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