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Collecting art is a passion, we make it easy with print-swap. For artists, building a collection of art is form of expressing your own creativity – and we have just made it way easier and more cost effective. Offer swaps with from a pool of thousands of other serious artists and if they like your work too, you’ll each get your print in 48h!

Victor Frankowski and Steve Stills

swapped September 2017
London based photographers Victor Frankowski & Steve Stills spoke about their swap, citing the positive impact of appreciating another’s artwork. Steve chose Victor’s work for it’s soft luminescence onto the arctic snow, contrasting the warmth with the cool environment. Both photographers praised the opportunity to connect through print-swap, and look forward to more swapping.

Patrick Dowse and Tom Gifford

swapped October 2017

Documentary photographer Patrick Dowse and street photographer Tom Gifford swapped prints in November ‘17. Patrick admired Tom’s minimalistic image, simple colour palette and overall difference to his own work, which documents working class identity in the North-East of England. Patrick embraced the feature, and is looking forward to swapping with other artists in the feed that differ from his own style.

How it works

Step by step guide

1. Create

Create a hub account, upload some images, add a description and submit them to the print swap feed with a print size you want to offer as a swap.

2. Get Accepted

We moderate all submissions, if you are lucky enough to get accepted they will appear on creativehub print-swap feed.

3. Offer a Swap

You can now offer other artists swaps, and other participating artists can offer you swaps.

4. Sell

If you swap requests are accepted then to receive your print you will only have to pay the standard print cost & delivery.

Other artists you can meet on print-swap

Jillian Edelstein

Jillian is a prominent portrait & art photographer currently based in London, known for her portraits and work with leading publications such as The New Yorker, the Financial Times and Vanity Fair. She also judges many competitions and awards.

Kovi Konowiecki

Californian born Kovi Konowiecki studied Photography at the University of the Arts London. He uses photography as a way to document the things around him and shed light on different aspects of his identity. Kovi was shortlisted for the 2016 Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize, and was the first ever nominee to have two images shortlisted for the first place prize.

Pam Glew

Based in Brighton, Pam Glew is known for her distinctive paintings on fabric. She started making artwork on flags and textiles around 2007 as a response to war, notably ‘Afghan Girl’ later appeared on the front cover of Le Monde Newspaper. Flags, quilts and brocade are used to explore and question how identity is constructed by the places we inhabit.

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