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Want to increase your art sales? It’s simply about traffic and eyeballs on your work, so add your art to the catalogue and thousands of sellers can discover you and start selling your work immediately.


It's free to use

Hub accounts are free and the catalogue is a free service within the hub, so it’s zero risk to try it.

You boost art sales

More stores selling your work is likely to mean more sales and more people appreciating your art.

Selling more, doing less

All you have to do set art print prices and share to the catalogue, after that point we take care of everything, including fulfilling orders.

Ship globally, zero hassle

Our production team handles absolutely everything, from fulfillment, shipping, customer service, returns.

We support limited editions

You can choose how many prints of your artwork can be sold by an art gallery and our software tracks the numbers.

100% control of online presence

You stay in control of who sells your prints. At any time you can immediately discontinue sales through a store or gallery.

Take a look at the other artists in the Art Catalogue

Dougie Wallace

Iconic London based street photographer Dougie Wallace captures the essence of variety and expression in his own satirical, documentary style shots. His critically acclaimed works include ‘Harrodsberg’, ‘Stags, Hens & Bunnies’ and ‘Shoreditch Wildlife’; focusing on people, their interaction with others and the environment around them.

Robert Montgomery

As an artist committed to the tradition of conceptual art, Robert Montgomery brings a 21st Century poetic voice to reality, constructing his woodcuts, billboards, light pieces and fire poems in locations all over the world. After numerous solo exhibitions, Robert continues to provide the voice of democratic literature, challenging the social constructs of modern life.

Rosco Brittin

Londoner Rosco’s line drawings depict classic figures with a twist of the absurd, juxtaposing symbolism and imagery full of detail and colour; influenced by his childhood growing up in a video shop surrounded by cartoons.

How it works?

Here’s how it works, step by step

Step 1

Create a hub account, login, upload images, set edition numbers and price them. Remember that art sales online generally do better when the work costs less than £100

Step 2

Share your images within creativehub to the artist’s catalogue. You don’t have to have your own art sales website, as the art sales catalogue allows other people with web stores to sell prints of your art

Step 3

When someone selects your work to sell, you get a notification by email. If you don’t want that store selling your work for any reason, you can withdraw permission from them.

Step 4

When a print sale with your work is made via a store selling your work, we print it & send it to the customer. We deduct the cost of the print then pay the net proceeds to you & store store owner in a 50/50 split

Want your art to get sold by more stores, immediately?

Online art sales are booming and our art catalogue makes it easy to take part. It's completely free to use, only pay the cost of the print when you sell. We then take care of fulfilment with our award winning printers, theprintspace.