Looking to monetise traffic?

It’s not a surprise to learn that people who engage with cultural content also like buying art. Publications that sell art around content have found they can monetise traffic at 40x the rates of advertising, whilst their online visitors see the purchase option as a benefit, not an interruption. Let’s make this happen for your publication.

Here are some examples of print stores using thehub

creativehub + Shopify

Our print sales plug into Shopify’s ecommerce platform. This means you need a shopify store, which are really cost effective and very easy to setup.

It couldn’t be easier to setup. Select a template, add your branding and your done!

Stores start from only $29 a month, and they handle all your payments for you

You can sell other products as well as art prints, such as original artworks or books

It can act as your main website, or integrate seamlessly into your existing website

How it works?

Here's how to get things up and running:


Create a hub account and upload some images and easily set prices, limited edition details and upload your branding for the packaging


Login to your Shopify store admin panel and install creativehub app from the Shopify app store


Art prints you have priced up in creativehub will appear automatically in your Shopify products list.


When a user buys a print we will print and ship the order for you, a debit your card for the cost


For taking care of all the orders you only pay the cost of the fine art print and that’s it. No hidden charges.


Want to sell limited editions? No problem, we track the numbers for you and send limited edition certificates with the orders

Don't have a Shopify Store?

You can get up and running with print sales in minute!

Not to worry!

If you’re competent enough – check out the latest Shopify themes here and configure your site. As the world’s leading e-commerce platform, it’s a simple, easy to use interface and growing by the minute!

Not so tech-savvy? 

We can help. Our team can whip you up a website for a fixed fee. Interested to see what we can do? Here’s some we made earlier…