We’ve released our free book: Selling Art Online 2018

In recent years online art sales have seen a positive growth spike, with global revenues reaching between £2.7bn to £3bn in 2016 and growing at around 15% per year. This suggests that although late to the party, the digital transformation in commerce is now firmly taking hold of the art market, providing a clear opportunity for those that act now.

Our free book, Selling Art Online 2018 brings together our ten years of experience in the fine art and photographic print industry with our online art sales solution, creativehub, to form the first comprehensive guide to a successful online art sales strategy.

From getting to grips with online consumer behaviour, how to price artwork for online print editions, right through to advertising your store and digital marketing strategies, Selling Art Online 2018  gives practical guidance as well as direct solutions at every step. Also included, are six case studies on established artists and brands such as, Tom Lewis and Massif Central, to help provide objective insights in to the importance of online art sales today.

Artist Tom Lewis at his London studio

Aimed at everyone from individual artists to galleries, design stores to arts organisations, our free book contains everything you need to help get your online art sales off the ground, freeing you up to get back in the studio or discover the next big artist!

Selling Art Online 2018 is a free 84 page booklet. To order yours, click below!





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