How to increase print sales at your exhibition

Florence Hutchings, Delphian Gallery ©

Creativehub have launched their new kiosk solution offering a cost-efficient and practical way for galleries, pop-ups and museums to sell on-demand prints.

The creativehub kiosk removes the need for holding a stock of prints, still presenting customers with a flawless shopping experience. Our automated service allows gallery assistants to open up more on interacting with the visitors, offering them the best service possible without the hassle of processing the orders.  

The stylish kiosk runs with the creativehub app which is a free software plugin that connects a Shopify store with the creativehub. All the artworks priced and sized in the creativehub are immediately selectable as a product in Shopify. It provides galleries, museums and pop-up shows the opportunity to sell limited editions, with certificates, from past and present exhibitions. When an artwork is sold, the creativehub automatically processes the order with its award-winning in-house fine art printers, theprintspace, and despatches them within 48 hours to anywhere in the world.

While using the creativehub, everything links back to a single customer database. This allows both the kiosk and your online Shopify store to collect information which is catalogued in the same database. Not does it only give you a very clear overview of all your sales, it powers future marketing activities.

The onsite Kiosk has been a success at theprintspace during Florence Hutching’s exhibition, who sold out in 45 minutes and during the Dorothea Lange / Vanessa Winship exhibition at the Barbican. Visitors who were interested in buying limited edition prints could easily browse the store to check all available prizes and sizes and order them right on the spot.

This cost-effective and logistically easy to manage tool is now fully available for any upcoming show you might have. Email or contact us on the form below.



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