A world first: Augmented Reality online print stores

Using the amazing new technology,  Augmented Reality, artists can now allow customers to visualise prints on their wall before they buy!

Creativehub, theprintspace’s online print sales and ordering platform, has burst onto the art scene recently with its new art store options for artists and photographers. They created an end-to-end system that provides a beautiful own brand store using the Shopify platform and a fulfilment engine that plugs into those stores so that print editions get automatically sent to customers with bespoke branding on the packaging. Not only that, creativehub tracks limited edition numbers for the artist or photographer wherever those editions are being sold.

Now in a world first, web store customers with iOS12 on their iPads and iPhones can now see the print on their wall before they buy it! This feature utilises the just-released AR technology that is now part of Safari on iOS12. Where an artist has a print store using creativehub’s exclusive store templates, available through its partner Piki Kiwi, then customers will be able to click an icon next to the print they are considering purchasing. This will switch on the camera and, looking through the screen, the user will see the print on the wall they are pointing the camera towards, at the correct scale.

Augmented Reality technology promises to be the most important development in e-commerce for years, which is why Amazon, IKEA and Shopify to name just a few have been heavily investing in the technology. The key thing is that users can then visualise the product in their house or on the wall, effectively ‘trying out’ the product in a virtual sense. This promises to have special relevance for art sales as one of the biggest barriers to purchase, as per theprintspace’s 2017 Online Art Sales Survey, was that users were not sure how the artwork would complement their living space.

theprintspace’s CEO Stuart Waplington comments ‘I personally started working with Augmented Reality back in 2010, and I instantly saw its potential to help make life easier for people buying art and other products. The technology has come a long way since then and has overcome many challenges and it is a great day for us to be the first company to incorporate these advances into our art store options.

This will enable artists who use our art sale system to instantly benefit from by making it easier for customers to purchase their art prints. Whilst at the moment this technology is only available on Apple devices using the latest version of the operating system, we fully expect support to be rolled out fast by other device manufacturers.

We know that most art is bought for aesthetic reasons and therefore customers want to see what the art will look like in their home, and how it complements the rest of their environment. And when they do see this, they can also take a screenshot and share it with a partner or friend to get their opinion. We think this is going to revolutionise the online art sales industry.’

If you want to try this technology for yourself, you will need a device with iOS12. If you have one, go to this link here and follow the simple process. If you want your own store incorporating this technology that’s easy! Just sign up for an account here and use these instructions to guide you through the setup process.


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