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Art Catalogue is an online pool of artworks submitted by artists from all over the world which online art stores, galleries, arts organisations and ecommerce sites can use to select new work to sell in their stores for a 50/50 split of the profits

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Benefits for artists

It's free to use

creativehub accounts are free, and the Art Catalogue is a free service within creativehub, so there's zero risk in trying it

You boost art sales

More stores selling your work is likely to mean more sales and more people appreciating your art

Easy to submit

All you have to do set art print prices and share to the Art Catalogue, Shopify stores can then browse the catalogue and select your work for sale in their store

Zero hassle

Shopify stores handle the customer service, and our production team handle the order fulfilment

How it works

For that want to find art stores to sell their work

Step 1

Set up your free creativehub account, upload your images and set your sizes and prices

Step 2

Select the images you want to submit, click share and select Art Catalogue from the suggested shares list 

Step 3

When a store selects your work to sell, we’ll email you with the store name and URL. You stay in control of who can sell your work!

Step 4

When a print sells, we’ll notify you. The store handles the customer service and we handle order fulfilment and artist payment

For that want to find new artwork to sell

Step 1

To use the Art Catalogue you’ll need a Shopify store, which are cost effective and user friendly to create

Step 2

Head to the Shopify app store and install the creativehub Shopify app. You’ll be asked to set up a creativehub account whilst on-boarding

Step 3

To start selling work from the Art Catalogue you’ll need to have your store pre approved. Simply select the images you’d like to sell and we’ll get back to you

Step 4

When a print sells, we automatically receive the order, ship it to the customer in your branded packaging and pay the artist their share

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